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Welcome to Epsom Smiles
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Welcome to Epsom Smiles

Dentists In Banstead

Epsom Smiles is a fantastic choice for those looking to get the best dentist services in Banstead. The friendly and welcoming staff provide high-quality care and produce amazing results that you will love!

Our diverse team of dentists is known for their friendly demeanour and commitment to patient care. We use the latest techniques in cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening! As a popular dentist in Banstead, we accommodate our patients every need! 

Our services include Invisible Braces, Dental Implants, Teeth Straightening, Invisalign, Tooth Fillings, Dentures, Teeth Whiteningand many other treatments.


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Dentists in Banstead
Local Dentists in Banstead

Dentists In BANSTEAD

If you’re looking for dental services in Banstead, look no further than Epsom Smiles. We’ve got advanced technology and developed equipment that can solve all your problems with tooth decay and Toothache! Our experts will take care of everything from aching jaws to missing teeth, so no worries are left on this front!

Other dental treatments in Banstead we provide are: 

Cosmetic Dentistry: We recommend making a checkup schedule with our team for routine dental visits. We limit the issues before they become an evident problem by scheduling an appointment with us at Epsom Smiles!

General Dentistry: Here at Epsom Smiles, our team provide dental care for all patients. Our modern technology allows us to help our patients with keeping their gums and teeth healthy. 

Specialist Dentistry: At Epsom Smiles, our dentists in Banstead are qualified to offer specialist dentistry services and improve the health of your mouth! We offer teeth examination before suggesting a reliable, sustainable solution to any issues. 

Dental Implants and Prosthetics:  If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look or feel, dental implants may be an option for you. They allow people to hide their missing teeth and preserve both oral hygiene as well as dental health! We at Epsom Smiles watch out for new technologies so that our patients receive outstanding care without causing infection or discomfort during any procedures.

Tooth Whitening and Invisalign: Our team of experts work effortlessly, so you’ll have beautifully white teeth perfectly aligned into little gaps devoid of any discomfort during orthodontic treatment! Invisalign treatments mean your teeth will become straightened with a clear, invisible brace. We also offer teeth whitening services to help that smile shine brightly!

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With qualified dentists who care about each patient achieving their potential (and attaining newfound confidence!), Epsom Smiles offers the best treatments possible for our patients. Our personalised care services ensure no details go unnoticed, and each patient gets a plan they are happy and comfortable with to preserve their oral health. 

We perform the following procedures:

Initial Examination: We want you to have the best care possible so that your teeth can continue looking beautiful for years to come! That’s why we will notify any problems before they start! Book your initial examination today!

Patient Goals: After your examination, you will have a chat with one of our dental professionals, who will discuss the following steps to achieving your best oral health results!

Schedule a follow-up:  The next time you visit the dentist, your hygienist will provide a thorough cleaning and evaluation. This way, they can ensure all of their needs are being met with any necessary medication or treatments to improve oral health.


Effective Dentists in Banstead

Obtain Long-lasting Results here at Epsom Smiles.

Epsom Smiles is a modern dental practice in Banstead, offering state-of-the-art treatments with every consultation.

If you feel Nervous at the dentist, our dentists want to ensure that everything is suitable for you. They work hard to guarantee that their patients are comfortable in our practice, from the waiting room to the dentist chair. 

If you live in the Banstead area and require a dentist, we can help! We offer emergency appointments as well as regular checkups.



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We are registering new patients and booking
same-day appointments

We are registering new patients and booking
same-day appointments

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