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Is Tooth Loss getting you down? Here at Epsom Smiles, we offer the solutions you need.


Prosthodontic dentistry is an excellent method to use for Tooth Loss. Unfortunately, Tooth Loss is something that affects millions of people every year. We enhance the appearance of your smile using Prosthodontics. At Epsom Smiles, if you have been affected by tooth loss, we can help you.

Prosthetic dentistry is where you replace missing teeth with either fixed or removable dentures.

The purpose is to improve appearance, speech, comfort, chewing, biting, and the ability to laugh, kiss and even shout without the dentures becoming dislodged. Prosthetic dentistry may be the answer for some people who are already edentulous (i.e. have no natural teeth).

Natural teeth can get lost for various reasons, such as periodontal (gum) disease, caries (dental decay) or trauma. Over time Dentures have improved in comfort, and with the latest state-of-the-art technologies, the stability and longevity of dentures have also developed.

Edentulous is when you don’t have any natural teeth. Meaning, the use of prosthetic treatment can be highly beneficial. 

Advantages include:

  • Improve speech
  • Chewing
  • Biting
  • Comfort
  • Appearance
  • The ability to laugh, kiss, shout, etc.

Dentures can be classified as partial or full. Partial Dentures provide stability and support as they can be retained on the adjacent natural tooth using dental technology. They are specifically made to replace a small proportion of lost teeth.

A Complete Denture replaces all the teeth in one dental arch.

Dentures will take time to get used to. Epsom Smiles has an excellent prosthetic dentistry team, and our goal is to ensure your dentures are a perfect fit. With some practice and time, most patients find their speech to be at 100%. We realise you will be wearing your dentures for most of the day, and we want to make sure that they do not irritate your gums or cause problems eating.

We know that the importance of comfort of Dentures is vital. At Epsom Smiles, we take time to ensure your Dentures feel as natural as possible and fit perfectly.

As you will be wearing Dentures for most of the day, we make sure the Dentures do not irritate your gums or cause problems eating.

The quality of good prosthetic dentistry is down to choosing the right dental technician and dentist for you. We will help you with each step of this process, and with some practice, most patients find their speech and confidence will improve.

For more information on Prosthetics , please  contact us today for a consultation.
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