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Welcome to Epsom Smiles
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Welcome to Epsom Smiles

Dentists In Epsom

Epsom Smiles provides effective, good quality dental care and services in Epsom.

For Dentists in Epsom and local areas, our dentists offer professional and friendly dental care for all. Our services are recognised for supporting every patient requirement’s with precision and delivering effective dental care results. 

One of the most popular dentists in Epsom, our experience accommodates patients with outstanding dental care. Providing only the best services, our team of qualified dentists use modern practices and up-to-date equipment that focuses on top dental health and hygiene. 


Offering services for everyone that needs treatment, we offer Dental Implants, Dentures, Invisalign, Invisible Braces, Teeth Whitening, Tooth Fillings, Teeth Straightening and many other treatments.


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Local Dentists in Epsom
Dentists in Epsom

Dentists In Epsom

This local dentist gives reliable dental solutions for long term oral hygiene. With the most advanced technology and developed equipment, our dental services in Epsom aim to solve all your dental issues. Toothache, for example, can be resolved with our expertise and for patients of all ages. 

Other dental treatments in Epsom that we provide are: 


Cosmetic Dentistry: Here to return your smile. With a recommendation of routine dental checkups, our team will spot any possible issues early on and save you from potential future pain. 

General Dentistry: Our dental practice offers Surgical Extractions, Crowns and Bridges, Children’s Dentistry and Preventive Care.

Specialist Dentistry: We offer a range of Specialist Dentistry at Epsom Smiles. Our services can help you with advanced dental care right through tooth diseases. Additionally, if you have problems with receding gums or periodontal disease, our dentists are trained to conduct examinations to evaluate your needs accordingly. We will then advise the appropriate resolution for you, aiming to not suffer from tooth loss. 

Dental Implants and Prosthetics: If you are not a fan of dentures, dental implants can be the answer for you. They are allowing you to hide the gap from missing teeth whilst preserving your dental and oral health. Since developing technology, our team can ensure they perform Implant Dentistry whilst preventing infection.


Tooth Whitening and Invisalign: Teeth Whitening should legally only be performed by dental professionals registered with the GDC. With our services, your teeth will go on a journey to becoming clear and white. With our teeth whitening in Epsom, your teeth will be brighter than ever, giving you the confidence to smile with your teeth again. Teeth straightening in Epsom can also be reached through our Invisalign treatment. Straighter teeth have never been so easy – with easy and comfortable use; the aligners are simple to remove and known as invisible braces. Invisalign treatments are ideal for gum positioning and correcting teeth.


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At Epsom Smiles, our priority is you and your smile. You will receive our undivided attention through your personal care plan. The following procedures are carried for our dental treatments: 

Initial Examination: We recommend booking an appointment with your dentist as soon as necessary. After your initial visual examination, our dentists will notify you of medical suggestions to improve your oral health. 


Patient Goals: Once your examination is finished, our team will examine your oral conditions and goals. 


Schedule A Follow Up: After the treatment has concluded, the hygienists at Epsom Smiles will schedule a time for your dental cleaning and evaluation. This will ensure that your treatment has its advantages and, if necessary, provide you with dental medication. 

Effective Dentists in Epsom

Get Long-Lasting Results here at Epsom Smiles

At Epsom Smiles, our dentists are professional and legally certified, bringing you the best possible treatments. Our aim is to ensure you have a safe dental experience specific to your needs. 


If you suffer from anxiety, or identify as a Nervous Patient, we have experience in making patients feel comfortable and relaxed to ensure you are happy at your appointment. 


Furthermore, you can call us if you need an emergency dentist in Epsom, or if you need an appointment. Please do not hesitate to book us in for a consultation or treatment today. 



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We are registering new patients and booking
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We are registering new patients and booking
same-day appointments

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