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Welcome to Epsom Smiles
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Welcome to Epsom Smiles

Dentists In Ewell

Friendly and caring staff, plus an outstanding reputation for excellence, make Epsom Smiles one of the best dental practices in Ewell. Their welcoming environment will leave you smiling from ear to tooth with excellent results!

The team at our practice are dedicated to providing compassionate care for everyone who walks through the door. We offer a friendly environment with the latest technologies, so you can get your medical needs met efficiently.

Our treatments include Dental Implants, Tooth Fillings, Teeth Straightening, Invisible Braces, Invisalign, Dentures, Teeth Whiteningand many other practices.

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Dentists In Ewell

Epsom Smiles provides a wide range of services for your dental needs. From tooth decay to missing teeth and Toothache we can help you! Our modern equipment and innovative technology will ensure that every patient feels comfortable with their treatment plan from the start.

Our dental treatments include:

Cosmetic Dentistry: Here at Epsom Smiles, we believe a healthy mouth is a key to great oral hygiene! Our team want to work with you to maintain your routine checkups and avoid detrimental problems like missing fillings or chipped crowns!

General Dentistry: The goal of our practice is to maintain dental care for all patients. At Epsom Smiles, we use modern tech for the best upkeep of your teeth and gums. 

Specialist Dentistry: We are proud to offer bespoke dentistry in Ewell. We provide specialist services and aim to improve your oral health with our team. Working together, the goal is to find solutions to any problems you might be facing with your oral health. 

Dental Implants and Prosthetics:  Teeth can be challenging to live without, but there are options for replacing them. Dental implants have changed patients’ lives in so many ways because they allow you not only to hide your missing dentition and maintain good oral hygiene but also improve your confidence too!

Tooth Whitening and Invisalign: Modern-day orthodontic treatments can straighten out your smile and make all of those crooked spaces disappear. Our team makes sure every patient is guaranteed no pain or sensitivity during the Invisalign process. In addition, our whitening services help your teeth look brighter than ever before. This means no discomfort with maximum results!

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At Epsom Smiles, we know that patients have different desired results. Our team of professionals will work to create a plan for your teeth the way you want them! We commit to producing bespoke treatments which ensure so that every patient leaves our practice happy and satisfied!

Our dental procedures for patients are as follows: 

Initial Examination: Our priority is you and your oral hygiene, so don’t hesitate to contact us for an initial examination and general checkup. Book an appointment with our team now!

Patient Goals: We want you to be as involved with your oral health as we are. So, our dentists will discuss your oral hygiene with you to work together in achieving outstanding results!

Schedule a follow-up: A hygienist will clean and evaluate your teeth. Once this is done, they can meet your needs with medication, tools or tips to improve your oral health!


Dentists in Ewell

Secure Lasting, Beautiful Outcomes at Epsom Smiles.

Epsom Smiles is a dental practice that believes in the importance of providing quality care and using high-tech equipment to do so. They offer modern treatments, from general dentistry up through to surgery!

At our Ewell dental practice, we want you to feel comfortable during your visit. If there is anything about your treatments or procedures that would make it easier for you, please don’t hesitate to ask us before coming in so we can answer all of your questions beforehand, likewise we don’t want you to feel Nervous.

When it comes to teeth, Epsom Smiles are always there for you! We offer emergency appointments as well as regular checkups. 



Your new smile is waiting . Don't leave it hanging.

We are registering new patients and booking
same-day appointments

We are registering new patients and booking
same-day appointments

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