Epsom Dentistry All-On-4

Epsom Dentistry All-On-4

With the advancement of dental care, treatments have become more advanced. Now you can get your teeth fixed in just one day with Epsom Dentistry All-On 4!

How does the Process of All-On-4 Work?

The type of teeth replacement will depend on what is left at your upper arch and lower jaw. If extractions are needed, it’s possible to have implants instead be replaced with bridges or dentures in place for Surgery.

Don’t let your teeth pain keep you from smiling! With our dentists at Epsom Smiles, we’ll make sure the procedure is as comfortable and quick for you. We offer consultations to examine all of those worrying issues; if needed, CT scans show them in detail, so there’s no guessing about what could be going on with any problems before they get worse or how badly extracted/broken something might seem when just looking under general magnification (x-rays).

What if I feel Nervous about the Surgery?

Experience our stress-free dentistry at Epsom Smiles. We’ll make sure that your visit to the dentist goes as smoothly and painlessly for you, with sedation services available if needed! We know how much this affects patients, so we’re happy to provide all of these treatments without any hassle whatsoever, see us today or call first before visiting an emergency room because they won’t be able to stop what happens next in their line work either way.

What is the Aftercare Process?

At Epsom Smiles, we prioritise ensuring that you leave our dentistry full of knowledge and care. Our team guides any questions or queries while also being there if anything comes up post-treatment with your aftercare process!

Get all the advantages of a new smile with our comfortable and safe dentistry in Epsom. We guarantee effective procedures for you 24/7; we won’t let anyone down!

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