How Can I Get My Child to Brush Their Teeth?

How Can I Get My Child to Brush Their Teeth?

As we all know and understand, tooth brushing makes dental care! However, we also appreciate how challenging it can be for kids to brush their teeth. This is why we have written this blog post to offer some tips and advice into helping them want to brush their teeth.

Help Kids Know What to Expect

When it comes to brushing your child’s teeth, ensure they know what to expect, educate them slightly, show them videos and help them gain a better understanding. Likewise, if they’re not used to brushing or using a toothbrush with toothpaste. Allow them to just chew on the toothbrush to understand the feeling of the bristles and what to do with them. Slowly add the toothpaste into the routine.

Make Sure Your Kids See You Brush and Floss

Currently, many kids understand specific messages and behaviours when watching what their parents do. So make sure they see you brush your teeth and floss, helping them know what happens and how.

Brush Each Other’s Teeth

We advise brushing your child’s teeth and getting them to brush yours also. It’s a fun way to introduce the brushing routine. Likewise, it may distract them, ensuring they complete tooth brushing.

Make Brushing a game

Make toothbrushing into something fun! A game! Create tasks or goals for your children to achieve, let them know they can win prizes, even if it’s a sticker on a sticker chart! It’s a great way to get them excited about tooth brushing.

Have a ‘Play Toothbrush’ for your Child’s Toys

Additionally, try getting your children to get their toys involved. If they have toys, bears or dollies, get them to brush their teeth too! It will help the ‘chore’ of tooth brushing in their eyes.

Give your Child Options

Giving your children options for brushing their teeth is an excellent idea. Let them choose their toothbrush and toothpaste; they will be independent and get excited to use them! Likewise, electric toothbrushes also help with toothbrushing because it always seems more exciting in their eyes compared to a manual one.

Sing a Toothbrushing Song

Have you ever thought about singing songs whilst brushing teeth or even playing one on YouTube? Music and songs make everything better, and your children will love it, making their tooth brushing routines a lot more straightforward and exciting.

Use the Dentists as a Backup

Using the dentist is a sneaky but great idea for parents who sometimes may find it challenaging. Tell your children, “Remember what the dentist said, we need to keep our teeth white and clean with no issues’ ‘. They want to do well and don’t want to go back for visits to keep up the great oral health. However, be careful how you say this because you don’t want to affect the dentist negatively! You still want them to want to be able to go!

We hope this blog post has helped you in more ways than one! If you’re local to Epsom and the surrounding areas, be sure to give us a call today and register you and your child if you haven’t already! We’re here to help life become slightly more manageable.

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