Achieve Active Aligners In Epsom Today

Achieve Active Aligners In Epsom Today

What are they?

Active Aligners in Epsom are an alternative to traditional metal braces. These aligners are created through a quick and straightforward 3D scanning process, meaning they are personalised to your teeth. Active Aligners are designed to correct misaligned teeth, gaps and tooth rotations as your aligners are unique as per your needs. Active Aligners in Epsom are clear aligners with no brackets, screws or wires. They can shift your teeth into position in an effective way.

How do they work?

Epsom Smiles are proud to offer Invisalign impressions taken through the use of 3D scanning. With this impressive technology, it speeds the process up a lot faster, which is why our patients love this treatment; it allows them to see what their plans will involve and how quickly their teeth will begin to move. At our dental practice, we can scan your teeth and generate an accurate outline with the dimensions of your smile. Who wouldn’t want to visit Epsom Smiles for gorgeous, straight teeth?!

After the scanning is complete and a basic mould has been created, thermoforming will begin. This is where we heat the aligners until they become pliable for stretching and moulding correctly to fit your mouth. The finished aligners will cool into their desired shape, therefore being the perfect fit.

Our materials and technology can provide you with the very best smile, unique to everyone, along with our expert dentists.

Why Choose Active Aligners In Epsom?

If you’re looking for Active Aligners in Epsom, Epsom Smiles is the place for you! You will receive first-class treatment plans customised as per your requirements. Active Aligners are invisible braces that are ideal to be worn for 22 hours a day throughout the whole process. They are FDA approved. Active Aligners being removable allows your confidence to increase, let alone once the treatment has finished and you have the perfect smile you have always dreamed of.

As a whole, Active Aligners in Epsom are an excellent choice for those looking to improve their smile but maybe don’t want traditional metal braces on their teeth! As you know, due to the aligners being removable, patients can take them out as, and when they need to, so nothing is stopping you from achieving the best dental treatment.

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