Adjusting and Improving your Smile with General, Cosmetic & Specialist Dentistry in Epsom

Dentistry in Epsom

We aim to make you as happy as possible with your smile. So if you want this too, simply book an appointment with your local dentist in Epsom! We offer a range of dentistry in Epsom, such as General, Cosmetic & Specialist! All of which will help with adjusting and improving your smile. Teeth can make people self-conscious and decrease your confidence. To change that, it can take a simple trip to your dentist. 


General Dentistry in Epsom can be from preventative care to cure. We work with people of all ages, including children too! Our dentistry includes top tips, for example, tips on how to brush your teeth effectively and how often to brush and floss! The best way to avoid problems is by visiting a dental check-up regularly. At Epsom Smiles, our clinics also include hygiene maintenance and polish treatments so you can stay cavity free while enjoying an attractive smile! Healthy teeth and gums are vital to your overall well-being. Regular check-ups will help you maintain lifelong dental health by ensuring that we keep the vibrancy of all those pearly whites! When a tooth is so damaged by decay that it cannot support any filling, dental crowns or bridges may be needed to save the patient’s teeth. With porcelain crowns, you can have teeth that look just like your old ones. They’re crafted to restore the natural appearance of a person’s smile, and they often come in different shades or colours, so it will be easy for anyone who wants something unique! These are just a couple of examples of general dentistry in Epsom!


With Active Aligners, you can have the confident smile of your dreams. This quick and effective alternative to traditional braces will give any patient their desired results in no time! Invisalign is an excellent alternative to conventional braces and has gained popularity recently. In precise aligner therapy, you can wear customised “aligners” made of porcelain sequence until they reach their optimal position that will move your teeth accordingly at each stage. We all want white teeth, and we can make your smile brighter with a simple visit to our clinic in Epsom. We offer conventional or cosmetic dentistry services that will give you lasting results for years down the road!


We specialise in providing highly trained dental care to our patients. At Epsom, we have a team of dentists who are experts in implants and prosthetics and periodontics treatments such as gum surgery or pocket tidying up operations that can be life-changing if performed correctly by an expert! The dental implant is a revolutionary way to get long-lasting teeth that can withstand any activity. The titanium screw typically replaces the root when it fails, which means you will not need as many tooth extractions or fillings! Dental implants are a great way to replace your missing teeth and keep them strong. The condition known as periodontics is the art of treating diseases or injuries in our mouths to have happy smiles with confident laughs for years! If left untreated, this can lead to tooth loss or bad breath and problems for other body parts such as gums! The specialist field called ‘Periodontics’ has durable treatments; they help you feel healthy by cleaning out dirt trapped deep within the mouth. This treatment is effective in eliminating tooth loss and bad breath, too. We ensure there are no future needs for medications or visits with a hygienist if you have suffered from gum disease; however, prosthetics may help ease your pain due to missing teeth! When you lose your teeth, it’s hard to maintain an attractive and confident attitude. You may feel self-conscious about how people view or treat how prosthetics can improve speech capabilities in addition! Prosthetic dentistry provides an option for those who have lost their teeth. The dentist will either place fixed or removable dental appliances to replace what was taken from them, giving the patient back some resemblance of cleanliness about beauty standards they may once have when smiling correctly! With a better smile, you’ll be able to show off your teeth and reveal the gaps in between them. Prosthetics will fill those empty spaces with beautiful appearances!


We are excited to offer you an opportunity of enhancing your smile. Visit our treatments page and find out how teeth can be improved with General, Cosmetic & Specialist Dentistry in Epsom now!


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