Teeth Whitening: A Guide to the Most Perfect Smile

Teeth Whitening: A Guide to the Most Perfect Smile

Have you ever looked at someone and thought they have the most amazing, gleaming, white smile? Having white, shiny teeth brings out the confidence in someone’s smile! If you have noticed some discolouration within your teeth, why not think about getting your teeth whitened? Over the last couple of years, it has become extremely popular as those who have had it done or wanted to get it done realise a massive change within their self-confidence. The teeth whitening process can give you a smile that will affect you on the outside, as in how you look and positively affect how you feel on the inside. Yellowing to your teeth can happen for some reasons, such as your age and genetics. However, we can fix this with our teeth whitening services. Other external causes of tooth stains can be caused by drinking harsh drinks such as red wine, coffee and tea!

This blog is here to help you consider your answer to getting perfect teeth whitening in Epsom!

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening is used with Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxides which are excellent at removing stains from your teeth. These chemicals penetrate deep into the layer of your tooth where old stains take place, such as brown residue, which has been left behind due to coffee.

With our Boutique whitening services, you will see excellent and consistent results. Our dentists will take impressions of your teeth to ensure a perfect tray. This tray will need to be worn overnight whilst you’re at home. A much easier way to whiten your teeth! You will get some chemicals to place into the tray when fitted to your mouth; this will help remove surface stains while protecting your teeth, ensuring no damage.

We have another form of treatment to help whiten your teeth if you’re unsure about Boutique treatment. It’s called Airflow Cleaning, where high-pressure water is targeted at your teeth to remove discolouration.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Teeth whitening usually lasts for around a year! However, this will depend on how often you get your teeth cleaned and the type of bleaching used. It is an individual experience due to everyone having different levels and types of genes.

How much does it cost?

The prices of our teeth whitening treatments will depend on what procedure you decide to choose. We offer Airflow cleaning for £75 with Epsom Smiles. However, other treatments for teeth whitening will depend on the request, necessities and patient.

Can you have teeth whitening whilst pregnant?

We advise that women wait until after birth before getting their teeth whitened. However, it can be done, but only by a professional, do not perform any home teeth whitening treatments yourself. This can be unsafe and cause damage to your teeth. Therefore we don’t on;y just advise this to pregnant women. This stands for everyone.


Should I get my teeth whitened?

If you want to feel more confident within yourself, especially when it comes to smiling, teeth whitening in Epsom could be the best solution! We consistently achieve outstanding results; the treatment is safe and easy, ensuring no patient feels pain or discomfort. Leaving you feeling confident and beautiful! We also advise getting your teeth whitened if Dentures and Veneers are not suited to your lifestyle, too expensive or time-consuming to maintain. However, if you’re still slightly unsure of what you think is best for you, don’t not hesitate to contact us today for further information.

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