The Most Helpful and Effective Tips for Children’s Oral Health in Epsom

Children's Oral Health in Epsom

Everyone wants healthy, clean teeth to lead a happy and straightforward lifestyle. Therefore, if you’d like your child to have the best oral hygiene and ensure they keep up with their dental routines to keep them clean, you need to start them young! Follow this blog for The Most Helpful and Effective Tips for Children’s Oral Health in Epsom.

Good Habits Start Early:

Did you know that you can start cleaning your child’s gums and newly erupted first tooth after each feeding? You don’t need to wait until they have a complete set of teeth! You can clean their gums by gently wiping or brushing them with soaked pads to remove any sugar residue from the area.

Brush with Care:

As soon as your baby starts to show a tooth, brush it gently with a small soft-bristled toothbrush and a thin smear of toothpaste for the most optimum results. However, be careful not to put too much pressure on the gums as this could lead to irritation on their delicate mouth tissues.

Teach Your Children:

We always advise you to teach your child to brush their teeth from a very early age. Start by using a small amount of toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush. We also advise brushing them before allowing them to do it themselves later in life, usually around six years old.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay:

Did you know about Baby Bootle Tooth Decay? It’s a problem that not many people know about. However, if you have had a cavity or periodontal disease, you will understand how painful it can be!

Avoid Excess Sugar:

Saliva only takes 30 minutes to neutralise the acidity and bacteria caused by sugar, meaning it’s at least an hour of sugar clinging to your child’s tooth, eating away at the enamel.

Make Dentists Trips Part of your Routine:

Although babies don’t necessarily need to go to the dentist straight away, they are ideal to go by their first birthday. This is handy for many reasons; one way is to check for cavities or decay before any serious problems develop into something more complicated. Additionally, it teaches your child how vital tooth care really is!

Epsom Smiles is a dental practice that encourages all parents to bring in their children and discuss any fears when visiting a dentist. If you would like more information on making it easier for your family to get through this new life lesson, then get in touch with us today!

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