Teeth Whitening in Epsom

Teeth Whitening in Epsom

Teeth whitening in Epsom is an excellent way to get your smile back and feel confident!

If you are looking for Teeth Whitening in Epsom, we offer many options for enhancing your smile. Our treatments differ depending on whether you want to remove surface stains or lighten internal pigments, as well as more involved methods too! Performed by dentists, the professional whiteners remove any unwanted staining quickly and safely without harming your tooth enamel to help your self-confidence grow with brighter, whiter smiles!

It is essential that you only see a qualified dentist to perform teeth whitening to avoid health risks and get the best results possible with this teeth stain removal treatment. Beauty salons and at-home kits may use unapproved ingredients or even illegal practices that can lead to bad breath and health complications such as infections from improper instrument hygiene!

Growing in popularity over the past ten years, the Teeth Whitening in Epsom has gained significant traction. Teeth whitening can reverse years worth of tea and coffee stains on your teeth by lightning them internally – without modifying any tooth structure! The quick and easy consultation will determine whether your teeth are suitable for teeth whitening treatment, as dentures, crowns, veneers, and composites affect this.

When performing Teeth Whitening in Epsom, we offer a boutique experience using only the latest technology to give you a beautiful white smile. Our gels break down into Oxygen ions (that remove surface stains) and penetrate deep within your tooth enamel for maximum results! Using the highest strength formula, you will see visible and rapid developments in just a few days. The formula also contains high levels of water which keeps your teeth hydrated. With thicker gels, we also prevent saliva washout.

Everyone is unique, including their teeth. As everyone’s shades are different before the teeth whitening treatment, we recommend discussing which product will work best for you to ensure the shiniest results!

Contact us today for Teeth Whitening in Epsom. Call us for a consultation and discuss which treatment best fits your lifestyle. We also offer finance payments to suit you. These options mean you can whiten your teeth your way!