Payment Plans in Epsom

Payment Plans in Epsom

We understand that finances can be your reason for not visiting the Dentist. That’s why we offer payment plans in Epsom. Payment plans ensure affordability whilst maintaining your oral hygiene. We can spread your payments over an agreed period and automatic payment from a bank account or credit card. Epsom’s payment plans work for many procedures, from Invisalign and teeth cleaning to checkups and x-rays!

Do I have to set up a direct debit?

If you’re considering cancelling your appointment with us because finances are looking difficult this month, we understand! However, we suggest spreading the cost of your appointment across a period that suits you; you can set up a direct debit to split the costs of your treatment into affordable monthly instalments! Direct debits may help you make payment plans in Epsom that work for you.

How do I set up a payment plan?

When setting up a payment plan in Epsom, we must consider a few factors first! These include the type of examination, dental care, age and medical history, as well as the follow-up checkups you need after your treatment! To set up your payment plan with us, all you have to do is call us! It is as simple as that!

At Epsom Smiles, we want to help you with your oral health and help you prevent any issues! We have a fixed rate for some of our dental procedures to help you pay £58 for a checkup, examination, and hygiene, including a scale and polish appointment!
We design our payment plans to match your budget and time requirements. So don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today!

Dental Care in Pregnancy in Epsom

Dental Care in Pregnancy in Epsom

If you’re concerned about dental care in pregnancy in Epsom, you’re not alone. Many mothers-to-be consider every aspect of their health in order to ensure that they will produce healthy, happy babies. When it comes to dental care, we’ve got you covered.

Dental Risks in Pregnancy

Maintaining good oral hygiene and dental care is of the utmost importance during this time, as several problems could potentially be caused or worsened by pregnancy. As your baby grows, your body is undergoing countless hormonal changes, some of which boost your risk of gum disease. Gum disease can affect your baby’s health, and some studies even suggest that it is linked to an increased chance of premature birth.

Another dental issue that could crop up is pregnancy gingivitis, which is experienced by approximately 40% of pregnant women. This condition involves having tender gums which bleed easily and may cause discomfort.

On top of this, it is not uncommon for pregnant women to develop pregnancy tumours. A pregnancy tumour is a red lump that forms in the mouth on inflamed gum tissue, typically near the upper gum line. While these tumours are not cancerous and cannot spread, they can be highly uncomfortable and could make speaking and eating a challenge. They will usually disappear on their own once the pregnancy is finished, but can be removed if they cause significant discomfort.

Tips and Tricks For Optimal Dental Care in Pregnancy in Epsom

In order to avoid these conditions, it is important to maintain good daily oral hygiene and attend your regular dental checkup appointments. During your pregnancy, routine and urgent care can be performed. However, should you have any elective treatments you were hoping to undergo, it is recommended that you wait until the baby has been born.

We also suggest that you confer with your obstetrician before undergoing any treatment to ensure they have no special precautions or instructions for you. Moreover, it is essential to inform your dentist of any medication you may be taking so that they can adjust your treatment accordingly.

Morning sickness is something that affects most women during pregnancy. If this is preventing you from brushing your teeth in the morning, it is recommended that you switch to a bland-tasting toothpaste and rinse your mouth out with water. If you’re unsure of which toothpaste to opt for, the team here at Epsom Smiles will be happy to help!

Conclusion for Dental Care in Pregnancy in Epsom

While your dental care in pregnancy in Epsom is important, try not to stress too much! As long as you maintain basic oral hygiene and attend your regular dental appointments, you shouldn’t have any problems. If anything concerning crops up, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Epsom Smiles, and they will be more than happy to help with any problems or questions you might have about dental care in pregnancy in Epsom.

How Can I Get My Child to Brush Their Teeth?

How Can I Get My Child to Brush Their Teeth?

As we all know and understand, tooth brushing makes dental care! However, we also appreciate how challenging it can be for kids to brush their teeth. This is why we have written this blog post to offer some tips and advice into helping them want to brush their teeth.

Help Kids Know What to Expect

When it comes to brushing your child’s teeth, ensure they know what to expect, educate them slightly, show them videos and help them gain a better understanding. Likewise, if they’re not used to brushing or using a toothbrush with toothpaste. Allow them to just chew on the toothbrush to understand the feeling of the bristles and what to do with them. Slowly add the toothpaste into the routine.

Make Sure Your Kids See You Brush and Floss

Currently, many kids understand specific messages and behaviours when watching what their parents do. So make sure they see you brush your teeth and floss, helping them know what happens and how.

Brush Each Other’s Teeth

We advise brushing your child’s teeth and getting them to brush yours also. It’s a fun way to introduce the brushing routine. Likewise, it may distract them, ensuring they complete tooth brushing.

Make Brushing a game

Make toothbrushing into something fun! A game! Create tasks or goals for your children to achieve, let them know they can win prizes, even if it’s a sticker on a sticker chart! It’s a great way to get them excited about tooth brushing.

Have a ‘Play Toothbrush’ for your Child’s Toys

Additionally, try getting your children to get their toys involved. If they have toys, bears or dollies, get them to brush their teeth too! It will help the ‘chore’ of tooth brushing in their eyes.

Give your Child Options

Giving your children options for brushing their teeth is an excellent idea. Let them choose their toothbrush and toothpaste; they will be independent and get excited to use them! Likewise, electric toothbrushes also help with toothbrushing because it always seems more exciting in their eyes compared to a manual one.

Sing a Toothbrushing Song

Have you ever thought about singing songs whilst brushing teeth or even playing one on YouTube? Music and songs make everything better, and your children will love it, making their tooth brushing routines a lot more straightforward and exciting.

Use the Dentists as a Backup

Using the dentist is a sneaky but great idea for parents who sometimes may find it challenaging. Tell your children, “Remember what the dentist said, we need to keep our teeth white and clean with no issues’ ‘. They want to do well and don’t want to go back for visits to keep up the great oral health. However, be careful how you say this because you don’t want to affect the dentist negatively! You still want them to want to be able to go!

We hope this blog post has helped you in more ways than one! If you’re local to Epsom and the surrounding areas, be sure to give us a call today and register you and your child if you haven’t already! We’re here to help life become slightly more manageable.

Root Canals in Epsom

Root Canals in Epsom

If you’re scared when it comes to visiting the dentist and potentially getting extractions, Root Canals in Epsom is a great way for you to avoid getting that extraction. We have expertly trained dentists here to provide you with the best dentistry for everyone. Here at Epsom Smiles, we endeavour towards perfection every day because we want everyone who walks through our doors to get exceptional dental care and advice.

Reasons for a Root Canal Treatment

Dental pain is a serious matter, and it’s something you can’t live with. Our Dental team are here to take care of you, guaranteeing your tooth gets treated, so any possible infections dont spread inside or out. Root Canals are also known as Endodontic treatments; this procedure opens up one side, removing all the pain before filling spaces within the bone tissue using either resin composite.

You don’t need to be Worried

Root Canals are an essential procedure for many people these days, and our team is here to ensure the experience goes as smoothly and calmly for you, creating as little pain as possible. Our dentists are here to talk to you and explain why Root Canals in Epsom matter so much, showing you how important it is during different stages or place intervention. We’re here to stop any painful symptoms before they start. We want everyone to achieve the most excellent care and dental treatment from all of us here.

Root Canal treatments can be done without complications such as discomfort, especially after the event. However, there are risks if you don’t take care of your mouth. Problems can develop into long term disabilities in some cases; this is where an infection can develop due to not cleaning correctly.

Is it Painful?

Whether you’re looking to have a Root Canal done because of old fillings or other reasons, Epsom Smiles has the perfect solution for you to have this procedure done with local anaesthesia or tooth-coloured fillings that will not stain your teeth or cause sensitivity. If you are unsure whether you need a Root Canal treatment, please don’t stress; our experts can make sure they go through with why you need it and how it can help without it being painful. They’ve been trained to handle all patients to their individual needs through their experience, meaning there is no need for any discomfort at home.

Check out this review we have recently received:

“Great practice, put off visiting a dentist for a number of years now. I’m glad I have booked in, at very reasonable prices, and I could book in very quickly. Fantastic service all around!”

We’re so happy more of you are finding us and learning more about our services. We want to ensure you understand that we take your matters and oral health seriously. Our goal is to feel welcome and comfortable to make sure you feel confident to smile again. Call us today to book or book an appointment online right away.

Preventive Care in Epsom

Preventive Care in Epsom

To keep up with excellent dental care and oral health, we advise practising those habits from a young age as no one wants unhealthy teeth and gums. Did you know, children are more prone to developing dental issues, which is why Preventive Care should begin sooner rather than later.

Carrying out Preventive Care in Epsom for my Teeth

Epsom Smiles would always recommend investing in an electric toothbrush because it helps your gums stay fresh for longer due to its rounded bristles. Everyone understands how essential it is to brush your teeth twice a day. Likewise, we also advise flossing frequently and visiting us for regular checkups. If you’d like to keep up with a healthy and happy mouth, along with great gums, follow these steps:

• Attend dentist appointments or dental screenings every 6-8 months.

• Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day.

• Floss once between each set of teeth.

• Drink water instead of sugary drinks where possible because they can cause cavities, gingivitis and halitosis if not adequately brushed away.

Everyone notices your smile and teeth! So we’re here to help you take care of yourself and your gums, ensuring you stay healthy. Here at Epsom Smiles, we also advise you not to smoke or overindulge in alcohol, as this can lead to cavities!

Here at Epsom Smiles, we offer a range of dental care services and appointments, including Preventive Care. Call us today and book an appointment; we can help you feel confident about your teeth and recommend the best treatments for you!

Epsom Dentistry All-On-4

Epsom Dentistry All-On-4

With the advancement of dental care, treatments have become more advanced. Now you can get your teeth fixed in just one day with Epsom Dentistry All-On 4!

How does the Process of All-On-4 Work?

The type of teeth replacement will depend on what is left at your upper arch and lower jaw. If extractions are needed, it’s possible to have implants instead be replaced with bridges or dentures in place for Surgery.

Don’t let your teeth pain keep you from smiling! With our dentists at Epsom Smiles, we’ll make sure the procedure is as comfortable and quick for you. We offer consultations to examine all of those worrying issues; if needed, CT scans show them in detail, so there’s no guessing about what could be going on with any problems before they get worse or how badly extracted/broken something might seem when just looking under general magnification (x-rays).

What if I feel Nervous about the Surgery?

Experience our stress-free dentistry at Epsom Smiles. We’ll make sure that your visit to the dentist goes as smoothly and painlessly for you, with sedation services available if needed! We know how much this affects patients, so we’re happy to provide all of these treatments without any hassle whatsoever, see us today or call first before visiting an emergency room because they won’t be able to stop what happens next in their line work either way.

What is the Aftercare Process?

At Epsom Smiles, we prioritise ensuring that you leave our dentistry full of knowledge and care. Our team guides any questions or queries while also being there if anything comes up post-treatment with your aftercare process!

Get all the advantages of a new smile with our comfortable and safe dentistry in Epsom. We guarantee effective procedures for you 24/7; we won’t let anyone down!

What is Composite Bonding, and can I get Composite Bonding in Epsom?

Composite Bonding in Epsom

Here at Epsom Smiles, we offer Composite Bonding in Epsom. We have dental experts who are advanced in all areas of this treatment and can help provide solutions that will ensure your teeth and smile become beautiful whilst repairing any damage if needed. Here at Epsom Smiles, we understand how our patients feel about their smiles. Therefore we want to put together a custom plan for you, which considers anything from colour changes to shape alterations when fixing chipped or cracked tooth enamel material.

What is Composite Bonding?

Composite Bonding in Epsom is a treatment where tooth-coloured materials are applied to your teeth to help enhance or change their size or shape. Other treatments such as Veneers and Crowns require visits over multiple appointments for corrective treatments. However, Composite Bonding only requires one visit! This treatment has become a lot more popular recently, along with many advantages such as being cheaper with quicker recovery times. If you’re looking to improve your smile without making massive changes, then Composite Bonding in Epsom is the place for you!

Composite Bonding will not only make all your teeth look a lot cleaner, but it also helps prevent possible future problems by filling in any gaps between your teeth before they become a bigger problem. Additionally, Composite Bonding provides excellent results without causing damage or discomfort compared to other treatments available.

Composite Bonding can be used for the following reasons:

  • Extend the length of shorter teeth.
  • Repairing chipped or cracked teeth.
  • Update the overall appearance of discoloured teeth.
  • Close spaces in between your teeth.
  • Protect the surface of the tooth root when it is exposed due to receding gums.

How can Composite Bonding be done?

We all know and understand that our teeth are a huge part of our appearance and chewing habits. Therefore, maintaining healthy-looking teeth involves regular visits. We are here to help give everyone confidence knowing they did the right thing to improve their smile whilst also providing relief.

Aftercare and Risk Factors for Composite Bonding

A benefit of Composite Bonding in Epom is that the procedure can be done without pain and sensitivity. However, all we do ask is that you avoid ice cubes and sweets after the treatment, as they can cause damage due to the cold surfaces and newly-repaired gums and tooth enamel.

How Long Does Composite Bonding Last

Composite Bonding is a long-term commitment. The best materials are used here, and they can last from ten to fifteen years, providing you with a beautiful smile! If you think you could be in need of Composite Bonding, please get in touch with us today; we here at Epsom Smiles are here to help in more ways than one, ensuring we can help restore your confidence, giving you a smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Achieve Active Aligners In Epsom Today

Achieve Active Aligners In Epsom Today

What are they?

Active Aligners in Epsom are an alternative to traditional metal braces. These aligners are created through a quick and straightforward 3D scanning process, meaning they are personalised to your teeth. Active Aligners are designed to correct misaligned teeth, gaps and tooth rotations as your aligners are unique as per your needs. Active Aligners in Epsom are clear aligners with no brackets, screws or wires. They can shift your teeth into position in an effective way.

How do they work?

Epsom Smiles are proud to offer Invisalign impressions taken through the use of 3D scanning. With this impressive technology, it speeds the process up a lot faster, which is why our patients love this treatment; it allows them to see what their plans will involve and how quickly their teeth will begin to move. At our dental practice, we can scan your teeth and generate an accurate outline with the dimensions of your smile. Who wouldn’t want to visit Epsom Smiles for gorgeous, straight teeth?!

After the scanning is complete and a basic mould has been created, thermoforming will begin. This is where we heat the aligners until they become pliable for stretching and moulding correctly to fit your mouth. The finished aligners will cool into their desired shape, therefore being the perfect fit.

Our materials and technology can provide you with the very best smile, unique to everyone, along with our expert dentists.

Why Choose Active Aligners In Epsom?

If you’re looking for Active Aligners in Epsom, Epsom Smiles is the place for you! You will receive first-class treatment plans customised as per your requirements. Active Aligners are invisible braces that are ideal to be worn for 22 hours a day throughout the whole process. They are FDA approved. Active Aligners being removable allows your confidence to increase, let alone once the treatment has finished and you have the perfect smile you have always dreamed of.

As a whole, Active Aligners in Epsom are an excellent choice for those looking to improve their smile but maybe don’t want traditional metal braces on their teeth! As you know, due to the aligners being removable, patients can take them out as, and when they need to, so nothing is stopping you from achieving the best dental treatment.

Teeth Whitening in Epsom

Teeth Whitening in Epsom

Teeth whitening in Epsom is an excellent way to get your smile back and feel confident!

If you are looking for Teeth Whitening in Epsom, we offer many options for enhancing your smile. Our treatments differ depending on whether you want to remove surface stains or lighten internal pigments, as well as more involved methods too! Performed by dentists, the professional whiteners remove any unwanted staining quickly and safely without harming your tooth enamel to help your self-confidence grow with brighter, whiter smiles!

It is essential that you only see a qualified dentist to perform teeth whitening to avoid health risks and get the best results possible with this teeth stain removal treatment. Beauty salons and at-home kits may use unapproved ingredients or even illegal practices that can lead to bad breath and health complications such as infections from improper instrument hygiene!

Growing in popularity over the past ten years, the Teeth Whitening in Epsom has gained significant traction. Teeth whitening can reverse years worth of tea and coffee stains on your teeth by lightning them internally – without modifying any tooth structure! The quick and easy consultation will determine whether your teeth are suitable for teeth whitening treatment, as dentures, crowns, veneers, and composites affect this.

When performing Teeth Whitening in Epsom, we offer a boutique experience using only the latest technology to give you a beautiful white smile. Our gels break down into Oxygen ions (that remove surface stains) and penetrate deep within your tooth enamel for maximum results! Using the highest strength formula, you will see visible and rapid developments in just a few days. The formula also contains high levels of water which keeps your teeth hydrated. With thicker gels, we also prevent saliva washout.

Everyone is unique, including their teeth. As everyone’s shades are different before the teeth whitening treatment, we recommend discussing which product will work best for you to ensure the shiniest results!

Contact us today for Teeth Whitening in Epsom. Call us for a consultation and discuss which treatment best fits your lifestyle. We also offer finance payments to suit you. These options mean you can whiten your teeth your way!

The Most Helpful and Effective Tips for Children’s Oral Health in Epsom

Children's Oral Health in Epsom

Everyone wants healthy, clean teeth to lead a happy and straightforward lifestyle. Therefore, if you’d like your child to have the best oral hygiene and ensure they keep up with their dental routines to keep them clean, you need to start them young! Follow this blog for The Most Helpful and Effective Tips for Children’s Oral Health in Epsom.

Good Habits Start Early:

Did you know that you can start cleaning your child’s gums and newly erupted first tooth after each feeding? You don’t need to wait until they have a complete set of teeth! You can clean their gums by gently wiping or brushing them with soaked pads to remove any sugar residue from the area.

Brush with Care:

As soon as your baby starts to show a tooth, brush it gently with a small soft-bristled toothbrush and a thin smear of toothpaste for the most optimum results. However, be careful not to put too much pressure on the gums as this could lead to irritation on their delicate mouth tissues.

Teach Your Children:

We always advise you to teach your child to brush their teeth from a very early age. Start by using a small amount of toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush. We also advise brushing them before allowing them to do it themselves later in life, usually around six years old.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay:

Did you know about Baby Bootle Tooth Decay? It’s a problem that not many people know about. However, if you have had a cavity or periodontal disease, you will understand how painful it can be!

Avoid Excess Sugar:

Saliva only takes 30 minutes to neutralise the acidity and bacteria caused by sugar, meaning it’s at least an hour of sugar clinging to your child’s tooth, eating away at the enamel.

Make Dentists Trips Part of your Routine:

Although babies don’t necessarily need to go to the dentist straight away, they are ideal to go by their first birthday. This is handy for many reasons; one way is to check for cavities or decay before any serious problems develop into something more complicated. Additionally, it teaches your child how vital tooth care really is!

Epsom Smiles is a dental practice that encourages all parents to bring in their children and discuss any fears when visiting a dentist. If you would like more information on making it easier for your family to get through this new life lesson, then get in touch with us today!